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Glenn P. Brooks, Jr., the Author of 
"How To Raise A Man... Not A Momma's Boy" 
and Co-Author Sheri Brooks answer the question 
"How To Live With A Grown Momma's Boy?" 
At All Things Momma's Boy we strive to inform and encourage mothers raising sons and women who are in relationships with men who were raised without the strong presence of a father or father figure.

My Apologies…Reflections of a Fatherless Son

I’m now a grandparent of a beautiful 3 year old little girl her name is Zhia and I am her Pop Pop. She loves eating cereal (who doesn’t right?) but I think she loves making it on her own more than eating it. Having her for 2 weeks this summer is causing me to reflect on a few things,

Back Story

I got married (the first time) as a 19 year old fatherless son. I had NO clue what I was getting into. I had NO idea that my immaturity, poor decision making ability and overarching selfishness would destroy me and my family. We had a son 5 years in and I left 2 years after that. We’d been having problems because of my inability to sacrifice my wants and desires for what was more important…my family!

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